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Steve Jobs talks about the importance of
tools and Bicycles 1991
This is genius and very interesting!!!
This is Dal's electric bike.  It is the best toy I have ever had by far!  
It will go 40mph for 40 miles.  No peddling!  Like going downhill
all the time.  The motor is in the wheel hub, brushless and totally
quiet.  I built it in 2006 with LifePO4 batteries.
See Dallas Electric Bike Association DEBA for more info and
1980 Steve Jobs talks about how Apple started
with PCB Layout and selling raw PCB's to get
started!  PCB Layout, Atari, Bicycles, Software,
Germ of an idea that grows....
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
"I like apples a lot"
Steve Jobs talks failure.  Just ask!